Welcome to Our School

In order to participate actively in the knowledge economy today, it is critical to place learning at the heart of all our endeavours. This is because, it holds the key to empowering individuals to becoming todays world producers and also a driver of economic competiveness, learnning enables people to become critical citizens and to attain self fulfillment. It equips every individual to partake in their community development.

It is the heart of innovation, science and technology. In order to harness our resources, industrialize, and participate in the global economy therefore, every parent must strive to give their children the chance to be educated in a proper way and at the right place.


The world is a big place with many challenges. Each of this challenges, has a thousand solutions growing in somebody’s mind, somewhere in the world. This is the essence of creating a unique citadel of learning which is global in nature with the unique aim of bringing together boys and girls and highly motivated teachers in one thriving hub of discovery to free their minds from any form of restraints be it traditional or ethinicty and nuture them in such a way that they will be heard all over the world.

Uniquely located Opposite the Ido Local Government Secretariat, Ido in the surbub of Ibadan in Oyo State of Nigeria, the college spans three acres of land with open space that makes learning to be conducive. Our vision is to make the college to rank among the best in the world and that is why We are committed to teaching our students subjects like International studies, foreign languages which include French, Kiswahili, etc, Sciences and other Ordinary and Advanced level subjects.

As a unique citadel of inspired and unconstrained thinking, the college is uniquely positioned to help shape the complex issues that define the future of humanity. The college is well equiped with modern facilities including the latest digital technologies and infrastructures to enable students and teachers thrive in an environment that is inspiring in order to catch up with modern day realities.